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Mature Solutions, a subsidiary of Discovery Corps, Inc., has been developing award-winning, high-quality, problem-solving software since 1985.

The company is known for creating systems that are easy to use and that require minimal computer skills or systems training. Their well-designed and field-tested interfaces, built-in training systems, and tutorial movies shorten learning curves and let new users come up to speed quickly.

The company began developing ProActivity Reports in 2003. Dozens of activity professionals from around the country were recruited to form the Design Advisory Council which drove the system’s feature set and user interface.

The system was designed by activity professionals for activity professionals.

After years of interactive design refinement and testing, the system was released for live field testing in early 2006, and industry professionals have responded with extremely positive feedback.

The company has been closely involved in the development of the new CMS Surveyor’s Interpretive Guidelines, and ProActivity Reports is recognized as the only software currently available that realistically addresses the new requirements.

The software continues to improve in response to feedback from the Design Advisory Council and new users, as well as to changes in the regulatory environment.

Mature Solutions welcomes your feedback. Please contact us and tell us how we can make the system work better for you.

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