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Resident Information Tools

The Resident Information Tools give you one-click access to detailed information about each of your residents - everything from care requirements to participation records to progress notes.

You don't have to enter all of this information to get started using ProActivity Reports. We recommend that you just automatically import your list of residents, tell the system what their interests are, and then enter additional information as you need it.

Your resident information is grouped into several different screens to make working with it fast and easy. For more information on a screen, please click on its picture.



Keep track of what each of your residents is interested in doing, and what time of day they're most likely to participate.

ProActivity Reports will help you automatically tailor your activity calendars to match your residents' current interests.


Each resident's attendance and level of participation in scheduled activities is automatically tracked for you.


Your entire facility staff can help you keep track of what your residents are up to on their own time by observing their unstructured, self-directed activities.

Progress Notes

With the customizable QuickEntry system, you can write detailed, personalized Progress Notes in 5 minutes, instead of 20.

Automatically include their recent participation, observations, and interests with a mouse-click.

Face Sheet

Easily track each resident's administrative details, care requirements, personal history, mobility, cognitive level, and more.

It's the best way to deliver true Person Appropriate Care.

To Do's

Organize the dozens of tasks that you need to do for each of your residents.

Delegate them to your staff and monitor their progress.

Census History

Know at a glance the current census status of all of your residents - who's admitted, discharged, temporarily transferred out - and why.

For more information on a screen, please click on its picture.


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