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Resident Interests

The Resident Interests screen lets you keep track of what each of your residents is interested in doing, and what time of day they’re most likely to participate in activities.

You can customize the Interests list to work the way you do, and add detailed notes for each one.

ProActivity Reports offers several reports to help you tailor your activity program to your residents' interests. For a list of some of the available interest reports, please click here.

You can use these reports when you create your activity calendars. This Automatic Calendar Analysis helps you make sure that the activities you schedule match the current interests of your residents.

For example, you can compare the Resident Interests report with the Activities Scheduled by Interest report, or automatically get a list of residents interested in, say, music.
The reports also help you demonstrate to family members, administrators, or surveyors that you’re offering a Person Appropriate program.

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