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Resident Participation

The Resident Participation screen gives you up-to-date information on each resident’s participation in scheduled activities.

When you or your staff records participation information for a scheduled activity, it’s automatically posted to each resident’s participation history.

You can customize the Participation Levels to work the way you do. You can simply track attendance and refusals, or you can record more detailed participation levels (like “Active”, “Passive”, “Verbal Prompts”, “Disruptive”, etc.)  -- all with a single mouse click.

ProActivity Reports offers several reports to help you better understand the activity and participation patterns in your activity program. For a list of some of the available activity and participation reports, please click here.

You can use these reports when you’re evaluating your activity program and creating your new activity calendars. This Automatic Calendar Analysis helps you objectively understand what’s working and what’s not.

For example, you can see how many times you’ve scheduled each type of activity and how well attended each was by clicking on the Activities Scheduled vs. Attendance report.

You can see a summary of which residents participated in which activities by clicking on the Resident Activity Summary report.

The reports also help you demonstrate to family members, administrators, or surveyors that you’re complying with the new FTAG 248 Interpretive Guidelines that require you to continuously evaluate the effectiveness of your activity program.

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