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Resident Progress Notes

The CMS Interpretive Guidelines require that detailed, personalized Progress Notes be kept for each of your residents. It’s a critical step in delivering Person Appropriate Care.

Before ProActivity Reports, writing Progress Notes that were sufficiently personalized and detailed to satisfy surveyors took a lot of time – typically around 20 minutes for each Progress Note. ProActivity Reports can cut that time to 5 minutes – and help you create better Progress Notes.


ProActivity Reports “QuickEntry” system makes writing detailed Notes quick and easy. It lets you define standard boilerplate text that you can add to a note just by clicking on it. It’s a quick way to add commonly used phrases to a note.


The system provides other tools to make writing detailed Notes fast and easy. For example, you can automatically include a list of all the activities a resident has participated in, or a list of his current interests.

ProActivity Reports dramatically reduces the time it takes to write high-quality, detailed Progress Notes that will satisfy surveyors and family members and help you deliver approved Person Appropriate care.

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