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Resident Face Sheet

The Resident Face Sheet screens let you keep track of the detailed information about each resident that you need in order to deliver Person Appropriate Care.

You don’t need to enter all of this information about each resident to get started using ProActivity Reports, but the more information you put into the system, the more you’ll get out of it.

We recommend that you start by just automatically importing your residents’ names, tell the system what their interests are, and then enter additional information as you need it.

Resident Face Sheet Screens

Your resident Face Sheet information is grouped into several different screens to make working with it fast and easy. For more information on a screen, please click on its picture.



This screen tracks basic administrative information about each resident – his name, birth date, room number, Care Group, etc.


This is a shortcut to the Resident Interests screen. Use it to keep track of what each of your residents is interested in doing and what time of day they’re most likely to participate.

ProActivity Reports will help you automatically tailor your activity program to match your residents’ current interests.


This screen tracks each resident’s family and background information – spouse, children, religion, culture, and language issues.


Use this screen to keep track of his voter status, clubs and memberships, and room stimuli.


Record each resident’s occupational, educational, and military history here.


This screen maintains information about each resident’s special needs and capabilities – cognitive and mobility issues, diagnoses, therapies, and special instructions.


Keep track of each resident’s dietary restrictions here.


Any special precautions or flags for the resident are recorded here. Is he a fall or elopement risk? Does he have any allergies?

These precautions also appear as icons in the Resident Header as a constant reminder of his special conditions.


The system records legal releases on this screen – outing permissions, alcohol issues, permissions to open mail, and more.


Maintain a list of contacts for each resident here – family members, doctors, responsible parties.

Automatically generate mailing labels, preformatted letters, and one-click emails.


This area is for free-form comments about each resident.

It uses the customizable QuickEntry system – you can add commonly used standardized comments with a single mouse click to speed writing your notes.

Life Story

The new Interpretive Guidelines recommend writing a short Life Story for each resident as part of Person Appropriate Care.

This screen gives you a full-featured, integrated word processor and lets you include pictures.

ProActivity Reports offers an easy and powerful reporting system to help you plan, manage, and evaluate your activity program using the information you track with these screens.
For examples of the reports that relate to each specific Face Sheet screen, please click on its picture.

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