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Scheduling & Participation

You schedule your activities using this section of ProActivity Reports.

Daily Scheduling View
Most facilities have more than one activity calendar in use at the same time. For example, some facilities use a “High Functioning” calendar and a “Low Functioning” calendar, each with activities for residents of different acuities. Others use calendars named after the resident groups that they serve.

ProActivity Reports supports an unlimited number of different calendars.

Monthly Scheduling View
You can work with your calendars in Daily, Weekly, and Monthly formats, in both List and Planner views.

As you move the mouse over each activity, a window pops up automatically that shows you the activity’s details.

The activities that you schedule here are automatically added to the calendars that you print for your residents in the Smart Calendar Creator. As you change your activity program, your presentation calendars are updated automatically.

Scheduling is fast and easy. You can schedule an activity with a few mouse-clicks, pulling most of its information from ProActivity Reports’ built in Activity Description Library.

Unlike conventional calendaring software, ProActivity Reports really understands what Activities are and how Activity Departments work.

It knows, for example, that each activity
  • Appears on a specific resident calendar
  • Is led by a staff member
  • Addresses a specific resident interest
  • Is participated in by residents
  • May have a cost associated with it
  • May repeat every other Tuesday
The software automatically uses all of that information to, for example, provide Automatic Calendar Analysis to make sure that you’re providing activities that meet the constantly changing needs of your residents, control your department budget, and manage your staff.

Recording resident participation is fast and easy. You can record a resident’s participation level in an activity with a single click of the mouse.

You can record all of your residents’ participation in an activity less than a minute. And each resident’s participation record is automatically updated in his Resident Participation History.
You can customize the Participation Levels to work the way you do. You can choose to simply track attendance and refusals, or you can record more detailed participation levels (like “Active”, “Passive”, “Verbal Prompts”, “Disruptive”, etc.) -- all with a single mouse click.
ProActivity Reports offers several reports to help you better understand the activity and participation patterns in your activity program. For a list of some of the available activity and participation reports, please click here.
You can use these reports when you’re evaluating your activity program and creating your new activity calendars. This Automatic Calendar Analysis helps you objectively understand what’s working and what’s not.
For example, you can see how many times you’ve scheduled each type of activity and how well attended each was by clicking on the Activities Scheduled vs. Attendance report.
You can see a summary of which residents participated in which activities by clicking on the Resident Activity Summary report.
The reports also help you demonstrate to family members, administrators, or surveyors that you’re complying with the new FTAG 248 Interpretive Guidelines that require you to continuously evaluate the effectiveness of your activity program.

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