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Activity Description Library

Activity Descriptions make it faster and easier to schedule your activities.
Rather than having to tell the computer all of the details about each activity every time you schedule it, you can tell it just once -- using the Activity Description Library. Then when it’s time to schedule an activity, you just select it from the Library, and all the details will be automatically filled in for you.
ProActivity Reports comes with over 150 pre-defined activity descriptions, but you can always add and customize the Activity Description Library to work the way you do.
Each Activity Description lets you address the activity’s goals, required materials and skills, instructions, and more. You can print out an Activity Description to give to a new staff member or volunteer to show her how to run it.

You can also tell the system how much each activity costs. For example, it might cost $100 to bring in an entertainer, or $50 to hold a Happy Hour. ProActivity Reports uses this information to automatically calculate your budget expenses by looking at your scheduled activities using its Automatic Calendar Analysis.

You can also share Activity Descriptions over the Internet. For Activity Directors, this lets you share ideas with other activity professionals around the country in the online forums. For Corporate Activity Executives, it lets you promote activity recommendations from your headquarters to your facilities in the field.

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