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Answers to Common Objections




“We can’t afford it.”
At $49 per month, ProActivity Reports is $1.50 per day. That’s about the cost of a cup of convenience store coffee. (Not even Starbucks.)
Is it worth it to you to dramatically improve the way you run your Activity Department – and prove to your executives and state surveyors that you’re in compliance with the new, stricter F248 Interpretive Guidelines – for less than cost of one visit from the banjo guy?
And that’s for your entire facility. ProActivity Reports is a multi-user networked system. Everyone on your network, from activity staff to administrators to volunteers, can share information about your residents, activities, and QA/QI reports in real time from their own desktops.
ProActivity Reports actually saves you money. It dramatically reduces the time (and consequently money) it takes to satisfy the CMS documentation requirements. A typical 100-resident facility will save around $300 per month in documentation labor time. That's over $3,600 per year.
For a cost savings analysis example, please click here.
And that’s just the cost savings for minimal CMS documentation compliance. It doesn’t reflect the financial benefits that come from better staff management or the advantages that come from having a better activities program.
A Person Appropriate activities program that’s tailored to each resident where the activities staff has more time to actually spend with the residents – instead of spending their time on paper documentation – leads to happier residents. Happier residents have higher retention, fewer complaints, and are less litigious.
A successful activities program is also a significant marketing edge, both for families of current residents and prospective new residents.
And is it worth $49 to avoid being cited by state surveyors for activity program deficiencies?

“Our corporation requires certain activities-reporting forms.”
Many corporations have developed their own forms for reporting activities offerings and resident participation in their facilities. In practice, these forms tend to be compromises between the value of the information collected and the amount of time it takes the activities staff to record the information.
Because of the time it takes Corporate to process these forms, headquarters tends to file them away and take little meaningful action based on them. The paper-based information is unwieldy to manage and interpret, and it doesn’t deliver the value that it should.
With ProActivity Reports, much better information is collected – automatically, with no additional time required by facility-level activities staff – and it can be sent to corporate via email in much more usable formats.
For example, most of the system’s over 100 automatic QA/QI reports can be saved as Excel spreadsheets. They provide Corporate with information that can be easily rolled-up to provide enterprise-wide analysis that’s actionable.
ProActivity Reports gives you a level of control, consistency, visibility, and accountability over your Activity Departments that’s been impractical or impossible up until now.
When corporate executives understand the advantages that ProActivity Reports offers over your current reporting system, they’ll approve adopting our forms.
We have a lot of experience in successfully showing corporate executives the advantages of ProActivity Reports. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to talk to them directly.

“We already have a computer system.”
All long-term care facilities already have some sort of computer system in place, but most legacy (older, historical) systems have little or no direct support for the Activities department. They focus on the facility’s other clinical and financial needs.
A few legacy systems have recently added rudimentary activity-attendance tracking, but their data-entry processes are slow and cumbersome, and their reporting capabilities are only minimally useful.
They also don’t offer any support for the other needs of Activity departments, including the resident information tracking required for Person Appropriate care, activity scheduling, integrated calendar creation, automatic Population Analysis, automatic Calendar Analysis, activity department staff and budget management, or F248 compliance support.
ProActivity Reports is the only system available that provides a complete, integrated solution for Activity Departments.

“We don’t have time to enter the data.”
Tracking detailed information on your residents’ interests, participation history, trends, capabilities, limitations, cultural background, special needs, life story, and independent self-directed activity observations is the key to delivering Person Appropriate care – and it’s now required by state surveyors under the new Interpretive Guidelines for Ftag 248.
It simply can’t be done using a paper-based system. The time required to try to do it by hand is several times the time required to enter the data into ProActivity Reports – and the quality of the results wouldn’t satisfy surveyors.
ProActivity Reports tracks a lot of information about each of your residents, but you don’t have to enter it all at once before using the software. In fact, we recommend that you start by importing your resident names from your legacy system (please contact us if we can help), then record their interests, and add resident information as you grow into the system.
For details on how easy it is to get started with ProActivity Reports, please click here.
There are several ways to reduce the time it takes to get your resident information into the system. In addition to being able to automatically import your resident names, ProActivity Reports provides HIPAA compliant privacy and security tools so you can spread the initial data-entry work among staff and volunteers.
For example, most states now require high-school students to volunteer for Community Service. You can set them up with user accounts that can only get to specific parts of the system so that they can help enter specific data without being able to get to Private Medical Information about your residents.
For more advice on getting started and data entry, please contact us.

“New computer systems take a long time to learn.”
Mature Solutions worked with dozens of Activity Directors of varying skill levels around the country to make the system extremely easy to use.
ProActivity Reports requires only the most basic computer skills.
Its help and training systems – including linked on-line help, desktop tutorial movies, its built-in Training System, and free technical support – can teach even novices to use the system quickly.
For more information on ProActivity Reports’ Training and Support tools, please click here.

“No, because…”

If you run into an objection that we haven’t covered here, please contact us.

We can help.

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