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Multi-User Networking


ProActivity Reports is a “multi-user” program. This means that all of the computers on your facility’s network can share information about your residents and activities.
When you first install ProActivity Reports on a computer, it becomes the “Server” – the place where your database of resident and activity information is stored.
You can then install the software on other computers that are connected to the Server on your network. These computers are called “Clients”, and they can view and edit your resident and activity information, too.
In practice, this means that you can
  • Monitor your staff’s performance
  • Report on your activity department’s status to your administrator
  • Have activity assistants update your resident and activity information
  • Have volunteers update participation and attendance information
  • Have other facility staff record Observations of residents’ self-directed activities
  • Let residents view activity calendars
all from their own computers.
ProActivity Reports’ security system allows you to create individual password-protected logins and to restrict which users can see which information. It is 100% HIPAA compliant.
Your monthly or annual license fee is for your entire facility. You can add networked users for no additional charge.

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