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ROI / Cost Savings Example:

Minimum CMS Documentation

In addition to
  • helping you run your Activity Department more professionally,
  • tracking detailed information on residents,
  • providing activity management tools,
  • managing your staff and budget, and
  • proving that you’re in compliance with the new, stricter Interpretive Guidelines for CMS Ftag 248,
ProActivity Reports also saves you time and money.
For example, CMS requires all Activity Departments to write Progress Notes and prepare MDS reports for each resident (at least quarterly), and to record resident participation in activities.
ProActivity Reports helps you to not only perform these required tasks faster, but better.
Its Progress Note tools dramatically reduce the time it takes to write the Notes, but also allows you to automatically add resident participation and resident interest information with the click of a button.
It saves you time when you’re preparing your MDS reports by giving you all of the information you need with a few mouse-clicks – instead of having to track down each resident’s supporting paperwork.
You can record a resident’s participation level in an activity with a single click of the mouse. Record all residents’ participation in an activity from a single window – and their information is automatically cross-posted back to each individual resident’s records.
A sample calculation for a typical facility is shown below. The monthly savings from just these three documentation support tools is over $300 per month. That’s over $3600 per facility per year. (The monthly license fee for ProActivity Reports is $49.)

To download an example cost savings spreadsheet to run the numbers for your own facility, please click here.

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