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Report Sample: Who Needs 1:1’s?


ProActivity Reports automatically captures information about your residents and activities and can use it to provide hundreds of reports that will help you manage your Activity Department.
The system gives you tools for doing most of the things that the new F248 Interpretive Guidelines require you to – like creating activity calendars, preparing Progress Notes, and recording resident participation.
It not only helps you do these things faster, but better – and it automatically integrates the information into useful management reports that you can get to with a few clicks of the mouse. This is one of the most important benefits of ProActivity Reports.
For example, many facilities have a policy that residents who aren’t attending a certain number of group activities must receive One to One visits (1:1’s). If you’re recording resident participation in ProActivity Reports – which takes a lot less time than doing it the old way – you can get a list of residents who need 1:1’s automatically.
You can run the “Resident Activity Summary” by clicking on it in the “Reports” area and telling it which residents and activities you want to include.
Notice in the report that the resident “Brenda Dean” hadn’t participated in any group activities, and wasn’t observed in any self-directed activities. She’s a candidate for 1:1’s.
ProActivity Reports gives you hundreds of reports automatically, covering QA/QI, resident population analysis, automatic calendar analysis, staff management, department budgets, and more.
For a list of some of the other reports available in ProActivity Reports, please click here.
If we can help you find a report to answer a specific need you have in your facility, please contact us. We’re always glad to help.

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