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The ProActivity Reports Dashboard helps you with the day-to-day management of your Activity Department.

It's where you keep track of your Appointments and To Do's, and it monitors the activities and assignments of your activity staff -- all in the context of your scheduled activity calendars.


You can expand the Appointments section of your Dashboard to take advantage of your whole screen by clicking its Zoom icon (the little magnifying glass in its upper right).
This screen shows all of your scheduled appointments – like staff meetings, care conferences, and resident doctor visits – and it can show them to you alongside your scheduled resident group activities and one-to-ones.
You can view your appointments in daily, weekly, and monthly formats, and when you move your mouse over each appointment, ProActivity Reports will pop up a little “ToolTip” window that shows you the event’s details.
You can also use this screen to schedule and track appointments for your staff and volunteers.

To Do's

You can Zoom the To Do’s section of your Dashboard, too. It organizes the dozens of tasks you need to do to keep your department humming and your residents happy. You can also use it to delegate To Do’s to staff or volunteers and keep track of their progress.

ProActivity Reports can also create a daily Duty Roster for each member of your staff and your volunteers. It gives them a complete list of their responsibilities for the day – including their Appointments, To Do’s, and Activities.

You can either print out these Duty Rosters each morning and distribute them to your staff, or – since ProActivity Reports is a multi-user networked system – your staff can update them on their own computers to keep you informed in real-time.
The system can also help you balance your staff’s workloads by automatically analyzing their commitments.

The ProActivity Reports Dashboard helps you keep your Activity Department running smoothly. It helps you stay in control of your day-to-day operations, provides insightful administrative reports, and helps you manage your staff and volunteers.

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For a more detailed description of how to get the most out of the Activity Management Tools, please download a copy of the ProActivity Reports User Guide by clicking here.

If it’s easier for you, please contact a Mature Solutions representative for a free consultation by clicking here. We’ll walk you through what the system can do for you.

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