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Automatic QA/QI Reports

Enter your information just once, and ProActivity Reports automatically gives you the reports and graphs you need to plan, manage, and evaluate your activity department more professionally and show that you’re complying with the new FTag 248 Interpretive Guidelines.

To explore the different kinds of Automatic Reports available, please click a Report Category from the list below.

To see an example of how you might use these Automatic Reports in practice, please click here.

Report Categories

  Choose a report category from the list on the left to see a sample list of available reports.

Interest Reports
Activities & Participation
Observation Reports
Resident Administrative
Resident Clinical
Resident Contacts
Resident Histories
Resident Preferences
Resident Significant Dates
Staff Reports
Financial Reports
Special Reports
Other Reports

To explore other areas of ProActivity Reports, please click one of these buttons:
Residents Activities Reports Dashboard

For a more detailed description of how to get the most out of the Activity Management Tools, please download a copy of the ProActivity Reports User Guide by clicking here.

If it’s easier for you, please contact a Mature Solutions representative for a free consultation by clicking here. We’ll walk you through what the system can do for you.

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