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Resident Information Tools

ProActivity Reports gives you one-click access to detailed information about each of your residents to help you provide true Person Appropriate Care.

It also provides powerful Population Analysis tools to help you continuously tune your activity program to the changing needs of your residents.

This screen gives you a convenient summary of information about the selected resident. You can get more detail by clicking on any of the underlined links or pictures.

Having this kind of information a click away is the key to

  • delivering Person Appropriate Care
  • running a professional-quality activity program that's respected by management
  • making a difference in the lives of your residents and their families
  • and satisfying your state surveyors.

For more information on the Resident Information Tools, please click here.

To explore other areas of ProActivity Reports, please click one of these buttons:
Residents Activities Reports Dashboard

For a more detailed description of how to get the most out of this screen, please download a copy of the ProActivity Reports User Guide by clicking here .

If it's easier for you, please contact a Mature Solutions representative for a free consultation by clicking here. We'll walk you through what the system can do for you.


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