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ProActivity Reports is organized into several different sections to make working with it fast and easy. For more information on a section, please click on its picture.


This section gives you one-click access to information about each of your residents, including their interests, special needs, personal history, and progress notes.

It’s your foundation for delivering “Person-Appropriate Care”.


You’ll use this section to schedule your activities and record resident participation.

The built-in Smart Calendar Creator will produce beautiful presentation calendars in monthly, weekly, and daily formats that automatically update themselves as your program changes.


The system automatically performs Population Analysis and Calendar Analysis to help you manage your Activity Program.

It also gives you charts and graphs on residents, activities, and staff -- with just a few clicks of the mouse.


This section helps you with the day-to-day management of your Activity Department.

It keeps track of your Appointments and To Do’s -- and lets you monitor your staff and volunteers. 


ProActivity Reports is a very flexible system.

This section lets you customize the software to work the way you do.
For more information on a section, please click on its picture.

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