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Overview for Administrators and Corporate Executives


ProActivity Reports lets you manage all of your Facilities' Activity Departments by remote control and easily demonstrate their performance to senior management.
ProActivity Reports gives you a level of control, consistency, visibility, and accountability over your Activity Departments that’s been impractical or impossible up until now. It helps raise the level of professionalism of your entire Activity staff.

Facility-Level Benefits
ProActivity Reports is an integrated system that helps manage almost all aspects of each of your facilities’ Activity Departments: everything from tracking detailed information on residents, to providing activity management tools, to managing staff and volunteers.
It also provides Automatic Population Analysis and Automatic Calendar Analysis and automatically analyzes facility-level data to produce dozens of useful management reports.
For a tour of what ProActivity Reports can do for your facilities, please click here.


Save Time and Money, Improve Quality of Care
Activity Directors are extremely busy. In addition to planning and implementing activity programs to meet the individual needs of their residents, they’re also responsible for preparing a mountain of documentation to prove that they’re in compliance with state and federal regulations.
Under the new CMS F248 Interpretive Guidelines, this documentation requirement has become even more burdensome. Many Activity Directors find that the time necessary to satisfy their documentation requirements cuts so deeply into their time available that the activity program itself suffers – activities become less Person Appropriate, One to One activities are cut – to the point that the breakdown in activity program quality puts the facility at risk of being cited by CMS.
ProActivity Reports dramatically reduces the time it takes to satisfy the CMS documentation requirements.
For example, Activity Directors are responsible for writing Progress Notes for each resident at least once every 90 days. For a facility with 100 residents, that means at least 33 Progress Notes per month.
Without ProActivity Reports, it takes about twenty minutes to write one; with ProActivity Reports it takes about five minutes – and ProActivity Reports helps write much higher quality Progress Notes that cover all the required topic areas and automatically include each resident’s current interests and details on every activity the resident participated in.
The time and money saved on Progress Notes alone is substantial: for a facility with 100 residents, 33 Notes times 15 minutes saves over eight hours per month. At a fully-burdened cost of $12 per hour, that saves about $100 per month.
And that’s just Progress Notes. ProActivity Reports offers similar time and money savings in other areas, like tracking resident attendance and participation, activity program planning, and calendar creationA typical 100-resident facility will see labor cost savings of about $300 per month, or over $3600 per year, by using ProActivity Reports. In contrast, the license for ProActivity Reports is only $49 per month, or about the cost of a cup of convenience store coffee per day.
To download an example cost savings spreadsheet to run the numbers for your own facility, please click here.
As important as the money saved, the time savings allow the activity staff to refocus their time on delivering quality care to residents, including better, more Person Appropriate activity planning and more One to One activities – and this translates into happier residents and better surveys.

Better State Surveys
The first impressions that your Activity Department makes on CMS state surveyors is critical to the outcome of your survey. With ProActivity Reports, your department is run more professionally, and it shows quickly.
All of the data you need to satisfy surveyor’s questions is at your fingertips.
When they ask for information about a random sample of residents’ interests and activity participation history, you can give it to them with a few clicks of the mouse – and you can show them the trends, capabilities, limitations, cultural background, special needs, life story, and independent self-directed activity observations just as quickly.
When they ask for your current Population Analysis and Calendar Analysis for the last three months, you can give it to them in seconds – supported by detailed charts and graphs that prove you’re in compliance.
The surveyors will quickly see that your Activity Department is run professionally and in compliance. You’ll have shorter surveys with better results.

Monitor Your Activity Department from Your Desktop
If you’re an administrator on the same local area computer network as your Activity Department, you can monitor your activity department from your desktop in real time.
You can track activity schedules, calendars, resident participation, staff loading, staff scheduling, department budgets, and more.
For more information on ProActivity Reports multi-user networked monitoring capabilities, please click here.

Compliance with the new F248 Interpretive Guidelines
The new CMS Interpretive Guidelines for activity departments went into effect June 1st, 2006. Activities are much more important under the new Guidelines, and surveyors are grading activity departments much more strictly.
For more information on how ProActivity Reports helps you demonstrate that you comply with the new Culture Change and Person Appropriate Care guidelines, please click here.


Control, Consistency, and Accountability
Using ProActivity Reports’ built-in Activity Description Library, you can define specific activities that you’d like each facility to offer its residents. You can specify notes, detailed instructions, and the frequency you’d like them scheduled. For example, you can define a new evening social activity that you want offered three times a week.
When you email your Activity Descriptions to your Activity Directors, they can import them into their systems with a few mouse-clicks. Your Activity Directors can also define new activities, email them to you for review, and then share them with your other facilities over the Internet.
ProActivity Reports provides you with a structured framework for control and reporting with Automatic QA/QI reports. You can have each of your activity departments email you reports on everything from what activities they’ve scheduled, to how well they’re attended, to their staff loading, to their budget allocations – as either graphs or numerical tables.
They can also save digital image files of their calendars and email them to you for review, share them with your other facilities, or include them in newsletters.
You can’t improve what you can’t measure. ProActivity Reports gives you a way to measure what you want to improve.
The unprecedented visibility the ProActivity Reports gives you over all of your Activity Departments will help you quickly identify problem areas and areas of excellence.

Corporate Roll-ups and Senior Management Reporting
In addition to being powerful facility-level management tools, most of the reports in ProActivity Reports can be exported as Excel spreadsheets and emailed to your corporate headquarters for review and analysis.
These can be manually combined to produce Excel Pivot Tables that will let you summarize enterprise-wide data for reporting to senior management and drill-down for details. Our Technical Support Group will work with your in-house IT resources to help them create solutions specific to your company. Custom coding is available.

Minimal Computer Skills Required
A new generation of Activity Directors is entering the long-term care world – especially as the professional certification requirements are becoming more rigorous – but not all Activity Directors are computer-savvy yet.
Mature Solutions recognized this in 2003 when ProActivity Reports began development, and worked with dozens of Activity Directors of varying skill levels around the country to make the system extremely easy to use.
ProActivity Reports requires only the most basic computer skills.
Its help and training systems – including linked on-line help, desktop tutorial movies, its built-in Training System, and free technical support – can teach even novices to use the system quickly.
For more information on ProActivity Reports’ Training and Support tools, please click here.

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